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2022 Title 24, Part 6 Essentials — Single-family Standards: Introduction to the Performance Approach


Use the 2022 Multifamily Energy Inspection Checklist to practice streamlined inspection of installation scenarios while also targeting top categories of high-value energy savings and impact on compliance. Effective building energy efficiency enforcement is reviewed and practiced as a comprehensive process — from initial consult of building features listed in permitted documentation to review of what contractors document as installed to visual confirmation of these features on-site. This highly interactive online live course is designed to provide Building Inspectors with the

Bay Area E-Contractor Academy

SFPUC Contractors Assistance Center 150 Executive Park Blvd #1300, San Francisco, CA, United States

Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) Bay Area is pleased to invite you to apply to our Spring 2024 E-Contractor Academy, a FREE in-person workshop series focused on building technical, economic and operational capacity with small, minority/BIPOC, women, veteran-owned and/or disadvantaged local construction businesses (MWVDBEs) to successfully do business in climate-critical decarbonization fields such as building electrification, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and more. ECC provides services for tailored entrepreneurial support throughout and beyond this academy via its E-Contractor network and community partners, including but not limited

Recovery Ventilators: Energy Savings and Compliance Credit in the 2022 Energy Code


Improved health and cognitive performance. Easier Title 24 compliance. Utility bill savings. These are the reasons to consider incorporating Heat Recovery Ventilators & Energy Recovery Ventilators (collectively Recovery Ventilators or RVs) into your next high-performance home project. Nick Brown, the instructor installed his first RV in his home during COVID, when his daughter and two friends did their schoolwork from the office together. CO2 levels spiked in the early afternoon in that room, because only Title 24 minimum mechanical ventilation

Affordable & Equitable Home Electrification Retrofits: QuitCarbon’s Lessons Learned from 1,500+ Homes


QuitCarbon has been offering free, expert home electrification retrofit planning, contractor referrals, bid benchmarking, rebate optimization, and more to homes across California for nearly two years. In this dynamic, fast-paced session, you'll learn many hard-won lessons from QuitCarbon's collaborations with non-profits, governments, single-family homeowners, and the local small-business contractors that install heat pumps, do electrical work, insulate and weatherize, etc. This session is ideal for utility, government, non-profit, and program administrator organizations that have ambitious goals around residential decarbonization retrofits

Retrofitting Homes for Electrification and Decarbonization


From alignment with California’s decarbonization goals and local ordinances prohibiting new gas installs, Dan Perunko of Balance Point Home Performance will outline the necessary steps to electrify an existing single-family home and how to manage whole house strategies for successful electrification retrofits. Case studies demonstrating successful electrification projects will highlight the opportunities to overcome challenges presented by existing infrastructure and planning for backup power during PSPS events.

High Performance Buildings & Careers – Class 1: High Performance Fundamentals Series


This is class 1 of 6 in 3C-REN’s High Performance Fundamentals Certificate series. Earn a 3C-REN certificate of completion after finishing the series and passing short quizzes at the end of each class.   Code compliance is a minimum standard for building performance; by contrast, “high performance” refers to buildings that are designed, built, and commissioned to exceed the performance of conventional buildings in energy efficiency, durability, comfort, safety, and indoor air quality. The magnitude of the opportunity to fill this gap

Heat Pump Workshop for Space and Water Heating

D Street Neighborhood Center 1301 D Street, Arcata

RCEA is holding two expert presentations on heat pump space and water heating. Learn how heat pumps work, what the benefits are, about ducted and ductless systems, what various kinds of systems are, and what’s involved in installing and maintaining them. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and a chance to talk with local heat pump contractors. Attendees will learn about general federal, state, and local rebates and incentives that are available.  Schedule for the day:  8:30 Meet

2022 Title 24, Part 6 Essentials — Single-family Standards: Envelope


If you design, specify, construct, install or inspect the envelope components of Single-family building projects, this course is for you! In it, you’ll learn what ceiling/attic, wall and floor insulation is required by California’s 2022 Energy Code. You’ll also find out how fenestration products are certified and the effect of shading on fenestration efficiency. Also explore the envelope component requirements for an Accessory Dwelling Unit conversion.  

Electrify Efficiently: Home Electrification Financial & Training Programs In Pg&E Territory


Join Electrify My Home (EMH) in this lunchtime webinar series focused on home electrification. The Electrify Efficiently webinar series will highlight the tremendous business opportunities, vital role of efficiency, and lessons learned from the field. The electrification movement is quickly gaining momentum. Over 60 cities in California have electrification ordinances and plans are in place to phase out new gas appliances in the next seven years. Incentives, financing, and training programs are essential for helping industry professionals and homeowners meet

Electric Heat Pumps for Space Heating and Cooling


As our electricity supply becomes cleaner, due to an increased use of renewables for generation and a growing number of local ordinances prohibiting gas installs in new homes, electricity becomes an attractive fuel source to designers and builders interested in reducing residential greenhouse gas emissions and creating zero carbon homes. Dan Perunko of Balance Point Home Performance will present on efficiency gains, and overcoming common installation pitfalls from electric heat pump water heaters in new and existing buildings. Class discussion

Overcoming Installation Challenges with Heat Pumps


Heat Pumps are a big part of the solution to meeting California’s climate goals in buildings. In plain terms, they’re reversible air conditioners and have been around for over 100 years. This session is designed for HVAC contractors, builders, and others who want to understand how to install heat pumps right. We will cover how heat pumps can add value to your business, how heat pumps work and various configurations, and how to overcome common installation hurdles. Hurdles covered include

Multifamily Electrification 101


Course Overview Building electrification is advancing quickly with over 40 California jurisdictions adopting reach codes to advance electrification, which is critical to meet our local and state goals. In this class, we will discuss the benefits of electrification and the current policy and code considerations, provide an overview of what should be considered in an all-electric multifamily project (both new and retrofit), and explore technologies for electrification for all end uses, as well as the role of solar PV and