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Improving Home Indoor Air Quality and Best Practices for Kitchen Ventilation – NOW ALSO ONLINE

Steve Easley uses real world pictures and graphics to sort through the myriad of system choices to help you design and select the most cost-effective system to meet code and beyond. This class explains why properly ventilated, well-insulated, tighter, homes have better indoor air quality (IAQ) and fewer moisture problems, perform better, last longer and are healthier to live in than the typically insulated, “accidentally ventilated” home.

Passive House Series: Passive House Case Studies and Examples

This class will look at specific building examples, covering a broad spectrum of building types and architectural styles in multiple climate zones. We’ll review details to understand the building science behind each project. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the broad applicability of Passive House for all building types and climates. New & retrofit, Historic restoration, Commercial & complicated.

Passive House Series: Passive House in California

Our final class in this series will bring this home to cover the evolution of Passive House design here in California. We’ll review up to four specific projects located in Northern California, including a Sacramento project. Details for each project will be shared to gain an understanding for how this approach varies across our local climate zones, and how Passive House may be cost-effectively implemented in our region. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how the Passive House

How to Diagnose Heating and Cooling Comfort Problems in Homes – In-Person

SMUD Customer Service Center 6301 S St., Sacramento, CA, United States

Comfort problems can occur in homes even when the equipment appears to be working perfectly well. Most comfort problems are related to design issues and can be easily diagnosed using basic design principles and simple diagnostic tools. This class will cover the most common comfort complaints, the diagnostic tests, how to interpret the results and how to use industry standard design principles to suggest solutions. Learning objectives: Understanding the most common symptoms of comfort problems vs. equipment problems Understanding how

Practical Guide to All-Electric Residential Buildings (Irvine City Hall)

THIS IS AN IN-PERSON CLASS AT IRVINE CITY HALL. The case for building All-Electric is stronger than ever.  All-Electric homes are cheaper to build and operate, healthier and more comfortable to live in, and have GHG emissions roughly half that of mixed fuel homes.  The 2022 California energy code will accelerate adoption of All-Electric building and this class will show why electric homes facilitate easier energy code compliance.  Taught by instructors who have built all-electric homes for themselves and are experts

Electric Home Tour

Welcome to the Electric Home Tour! See homes throughout the Peninsula and South Bay who have switched from dirty methane (so-called "natural gas") to clean electricity. Talk with homeowners about how they chose energy-efficient water heaters, furnaces, dryers, induction cooktops, stoves and more. Learn about the cost — and the rebates you can get. Discuss whether to select a contractor — or do-it-yourself — and how to create a plan that fits your family's finances while improving your home's comfort