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ACEEE: Energy Efficiency as a Resource

DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia, PA, United States

Utility energy efficiency programs have a strong record of saving customers energy and money. But today’s urgent challenges—from climate change to inequitable energy burdens—demand that we ramp up these efficiency efforts and reimagine what these programs are capable of, building on the strong foundations in place. Join us at the Energy Efficiency as Resource (EER) conference in Philadelphia, October 16–18, 2023, to explore how efficiency efforts can expand and evolve amid a transforming utility industry.

Case Studies: Sequential Pathways to Zero-Carbon Homes

Ever think, “I cannot afford to convert my home into a zero-carbon home? It’s too much to think about or learn all at one time!” Instructor Terry Nordbye will present key elements of a zero-carbon home and how to plan a long-term strategy to decarbonize your home. This session unpacks the project history of two heavy carbon emission homes and how they were converted to zero-carbon homes over a period of 12 years.