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The Essential First Step

Energy Efficiency Improves the World

For more than two decades, our purpose hasn’t changed. Contractors with foresight founded our trade organization to help contractors like you succeed. Your success is crucial. 

The clean energy field is thriving. Join us as we work together to build a safe, clean equitable world. Through education and collaborative advocacy, we strengthen the growing global community of contractors dedicated to energy efficiency. 

The future is bright. It will and must be energy efficient. Wasted energy will become a thing of the past. The ultimate transition has already begun; humanity now has a common goal. Efficiency is, and always will be, the essential first step.

California Contractor Advocacy

Building a clean energy future for all

Founded by contractors, for over two decades, our responsibility has been to ensure the efficient energy and clean energy contractors’ perspective is a key factor in state and federal legislative decisions. Working with other closely aligned organizations, our collaborative approach to advocacy has allowed us to influence policy on a much larger scale.

Contractor’s Perspective Blog

Get ahead, never fall behind with info you need

Every month you can get essential information about all of the latest state and federal policy developments, as well as important news and updates on clean energy, energy efficiency, and electrification technological advances. Always ahead of our time, our Blog archive is a deep, active reservoir of relevant knowledge written in easy-to-understand terms.


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Clean Energy Connection

Free leads for trustworthy clean energy contractors

Free referrals for homeowners

EFCA’s Clean Energy Connection contractor directory helps homeowners connect with local, vetted contractors with proven expertise on clean energy and electrification projects. 

Easily find a contractor you can trust for your clean energy home upgrade. Hire a hero.

It’s reliable, free, private, and helps California achieve our emissions reduction goals, plus it grows and supports our state’s clean energy workforce.

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Program Administrator for SMUD

EFCA leads the way in rebate program management

Rebates are a crucial part of building a cleaner world for all of us. Implementing them properly is a huge responsibility and fulfilling their promise is a monumental ongoing task. 

We carefully assembled a brilliant team to create sophisticated systems and workflows that work easily and efficiently for everyone involved. We pioneered innovative solutions to shaping statewide rebates programs not only for SMUD, but TECH, SGIP, PG&E and more. We also openly share our processes so others do not have to re-invent the wheel.