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Who We Are

And Why It Matters

Efficiency First California (EFCA) is a non-profit trade organization that represents and promotes clean energy contractors in California. For over 20 years, we have helped contractors like you succeed. 

EFCA is directly involved in state policy discussions. One of our core responsibilities, as a trade organization, is to help contractors be aware and involved in state energy policy. 

Policymakers on the local, state, and federal levels often reach out to us directly to better understand the contractor’s perspective. The contractor’s perspective is crucial in policy discussions. We listen to and advocate for you, the contractor.  

We partner with industry stakeholders who share our common goals. Working collaboratively, we have been able to influence policy on a large scale.

We want to help you grow your business. Our monthly blog and advocacy update help you make well-informed decisions about the future of your business. We represent your best interests for sustainable, fair, and unbiased business models. We have an extensive list of industry contacts. If you need help, reach out and we can likely help you with whatever issues you’re experiencing.

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training & events for clean energy & energy efficiency

18 Jun

Electrify Efficiently: Home Heat Pumps Done Right – A Case Study

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

The path to going all-electric can take many forms. For some, this means upgrading one appliance at a time; for others, it means replacing them all at once and offsetting with on-site solar. Regardless of the timeline, there are some important planning steps that must take place, as well as a continual vision for optimizing efficiency. Join Electrify My Home in this session for a case study of a customer’s electrification journey. You’ll also hear directly from the customer, who

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18 Jun

Tips and Tricks To Grow Your Business with High Performance Practices

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

More energy efficient homes represent a huge, and growing, opportunity for builders and remodelers to address homeowner demands. Driven by a growing social consciousness, new rebate programs and rising energy costs, homeowners want to explore options and will be more likely to commit. Plus, new technologies are making the process more efficient and effective. In this session, building performance experts share best practices to capitalize on the growing business opportunity, and help you feel good about your contribution to the

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20 Jun

Introduction to Variable Capacity Heat Pumps, Improved Comfort and Energy Efficiency

9:00 am - 11:00 am

This content offers an introduction to variable capacity heat pumps (VCHP) for contractors who are not yet familiar with this type of HVAC equipment. It begins by defining the type and continues by describing the intended benefits of VCHPs compared to earlier models of heat pumps. Participants take away important knowledge as well as an understanding of where to take their learning next. They learn a simple classification strategy to use to help select the type of VCHP to use

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20 Jun


9:30 am - 11:00 am

All-Electric in Design & Construction Series Incorporating all-electric systems into residential and small commercial projects can be a bumpy road, but understanding the nuts and bolts of specific systems helps smooth out the process. By identifying and reviewing specific products and manufacturers, we’ll provide architects, builders and owners with the tools to easily go from design and permitting to construction and operation. This is a five-part series to pick-and-choose, or take all five: Part 1: Ductless Heat Pumps will address ductless

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California Contractor Advocacy

Building a clean energy future for all

Efficiency First California is actively engaged in California policy. We monitor communications from the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission. When needed, we provide feedback to ensure regulations and policies consider the contractor’s role and the implications proposed regulations may have on contractors. 

Your feedback as a contractor is critical for our efforts. We encourage your participation in policy discussions. We feel it is our role to represent your perspectives.

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Clean Energy Connection

Free leads for contractors. Free referrals for homeowners.

We built the Clean Energy Connection to provide free leads to contractors and promote the growth of the industry as a whole.

EFCA’s Clean Energy Connection contractor directory helps homeowners connect with local, vetted contractors with proven expertise on clean energy and electrification projects. 

It’s reliable, free, and it helps to grow and support our state’s clean energy workforce.

our commitments

Program Administrator for Sacramento Municipal Utility District

EFCA leads the way in rebate program management

We have been a key player in providing utility support services to different entities like TECH, SGIP, and PG&E, particularly as a program implementer for Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) incentive programs.

Our success has made EFCA a valuable resource for rebate program designers and implementers. We openly share our processes with others so they can also create successful programs, with the ultimate goal of making things easier for contractors (and homeowners).

We Support Building Decarbonization Coalition

The Switch Is On Directory

EFCA, in partnership with the BDC, has played an important role in supporting the Switch is On campaign in California since 2019. We’ve supplied our white-label directory to improve the rebate program, making it more efficient and contributing to contractors’ success.

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Become a sponsor for EFCA’s upcoming events and open doors to connect, engage, and inspire both Clean Energy Connection (CEC) & Efficiency First California (EFCA) members.

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