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building an equitable, efficient, clean energy future

Sustainable Success

Efficiency First California (EFCA) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to helping clean energy contractors succeed. We are an inclusive, supportive contractors’ community. We provide a range of essential educational and informational resources as well as other, more tangible member benefits

We are proactive clean energy contractor advocates. We’re here to represent your best interests. We know that when it comes to crafting effective climate legislation, policymakers rely upon experienced clean energy contractors to help them understand what is realistic and what is not. For more than twenty years, we’ve provided that direct connection between contractors and policymakers.

our enduring legacy

Decades of Dedication

The California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) was originally established in 2002. CBPCA’s primary mission was to support California’s Home Performance contractors through education and training. Hundreds of contractors received their Home Energy Rating System (HERS) credentials and Building Performance Institute (BPI) certifications from the CBPCA.

In 2012, the CBPCA continued to fulfill our mission when we became a chapter of Efficiency First, a national trade organization. In 2019, at the Home Performance Coalition’s national conference, a new association was born. The Building Performance Association (BPA) merged four existing organizations: The Home Performance Coalition, Home Energy Magazine, the Building Performance Institute, and Efficiency First. 

Efficiency First California (EFCA), once a chapter of Efficiency First, is now the only organization operating under this title. We are an independent not-for-profit organization that has a mutually beneficial partnership agreement with the Building Performance Association. 

helping california achieve our climate goals

Align With An Ally

For more than two decades we have been supporting the state’s aggressive climate goals by consistently advocating for legislation that reduces Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. EFCA has had direct involvement in California legislative efforts and we are at the table proactively involved in state policy discussions. We articulate your collective perspective; any proposed changes must align with the contractor’s best interests and support sustainable and equitable business models.

rebate program design and implementation

We Assembled a Brilliant Team

Efficiency First California has provided pioneering support services for utilities for many years. We are a program implementor for multiple Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) incentive programs. SMUD was a forerunner in the decarbonization movement, and they were the first USA utility to concentrate on GHG reductions instead of total energy saved. The success of the SMUD programs is now well known, so rebate program designers and implementors frequently consult with us, and because we have the same honorable objectives, we are always willing to help them succeed. 

our clean energy contractor directory

We Provide Free Lucrative Leads

More and more California homeowners need help finding local, vetted contractors with proven expertise on clean energy and electrification projects. EFCA built the ingenious Clean Energy Connection to be reliable, free, private and to help California achieve our emissions reduction goals. From the contractor’s perspective, the CEC directory incentivizes high-caliber work and professionalism. It also promotes equitable growth of our state’s clean energy workforce by providing lucrative leads for trustworthy clean energy contractors.

well-connected experienced experts

Answers When You Need Them

The wealth of knowledge shared by our board of directors and staff is a valuable resource for our members. We’ve steadily built up a vast, mutually beneficial network with other leaders in the energy efficiency and clean energy industries. We’re skillfully connected on the local, state, and federal levels, and we have an extensive list of industry contacts. We routinely provide an authoritative perspective on current energy trends in California. And we regularly collaborate with a variety of online content providers to provide technical and policy details. Our monthly blog and advocacy update help you make well-informed decisions about the future of your business.

innovators with vision

Epic Energy Transition

We live in an exciting time — a time full of monumental challenges and ever-expanding opportunities. EFCA is here for you, at the forefront, to help your business steadily advance. As the world undergoes yet another epic energy transition, contractors who install beneficial innovations will have a more secure, successful future. And clean-energy buildings will be healthier and far more efficient for everyone. Be an essential hero.