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about EFCA

Efficiency First California (EFCA) is a non-profit trade organization supporting California’s transition to clean, carbon-free energy. Our primary goal is to promote contractors who recognize the value of energy efficiency and carbon-free energy.

Our advocacy efforts concentrate on the contractor’s perspective. We provide a voice for contractors in California policy discussions related to energy efficiency and decarbonization. Efficiency First California membership includes benefits for its members, such as member-only discounts and specialized educational and training resources.

We provide up-to-date information to our membership via a monthly newsletter containing an advocacy update section, an events calendar, and a blog. We serve as a community resource where members can exchange ideas and get direct feedback from leading experts in the field.

A Brief History

The California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) was formed in 2001. CBPCAs mission was to support Home Performance contractors in California. The CBPCA primarily focused on contractor education and training. Hundreds of contractors received their HERS credentials and Building Performance Institute (BPI) certifications from the CBPCA.

In 2012, the CBPCA partnered with Efficiency First, a national trade organization with multiple chapters across the country. Working under the Efficiency First umbrella, California supported multiple Efficiency First chapters. Again, the organization concentrated on contractor training and advocacy related to the home performance industry.

In April of 2019, at the Home Performance Coalition’s national conference, a new association was born. The Building Performance Association (BPA) merged four existing organizations, The Home Performance Coalition, Home Energy Magazine, the Building Performance Institute, and Efficiency First.


Efficiency First California (EFCA), once a chapter of Efficiency First, is now the only organization operating under this title. We are an independent organization that supports but has no direct connection to the Building Performance Association. We chose not to rebrand after the BPA merger and continue to operate as Efficiency First California.

changing to meet new challenges

The energy efficiency industry in California has changed significantly over the past few years. The state’s goals have shifted from total energy saved to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. These new goals will present both challenges and opportunities.

EFCA is responding by providing up-to-date information to its membership about this transition. We encourage them to use this information to adapt their businesses and prosper. We support this effort with up-to-date educational materials training resources.

Our goal is to support our membership by providing the information and resources needed to thrive as the clean energy industry grows. The scale of this transition is enormous. We believe there is a bright and lucrative future for contractors.

Your membership allows us to support energy efficiency and clean energy contractors statewide. Be a part of the transition, join EFCA, and prosper.