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Efficiency First California (EFCA)

As part of our goal and commitment to creating a community for Clean Energy Contractors, we offer a membership program with contractors’ needs in mind. We provide our members with resources, networking opportunities, online support, and more.  We are actively looking for ways to improve our membership to help you, the contractor, build a thriving business. 

It’s our role to advocate for contractors and ensure that we keep you informed of changes in legislation that may affect your business. Our organization plays a direct role in state legislative efforts and participates in policy discussions to ensure that changes align with contractors’ best interests and business models. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring we know all the latest developments.

We’re here to represent your best interests. Policymakers rely on experienced clean energy contractors to help them understand what is realistic and what is not when creating effective legislation. We are a direct connection between contractors and policymakers.

What is Clean Energy?

California policy defines clean energy as electricity generated from carbon-free renewable sources. California has passed some of the most aggressive climate legislation in the country. To meet the goals defined in this legislation, residents will have to shift from fossil fuel energy to electricity generated from renewables such as wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power.

vision and mission


Efficiency First California, supports the widespread adoption of energy efficiency measures combined with clean energy. We represent and support contractors who encourage this effort, working with California’s policymakers and industry. Our goal is to accelerate the growth of the clean energy industry by voicing the contractor’s perspective. We provide information to contractors and consumers, on the benefits of energy efficiency and carbon-free energy. We advocate for policies that support successful business models and rely on science-based approaches to achieve these objectives.


We’re here to help contractors do well by promoting a business model that brings profit and helps their companies grow. At the same time, we’re big supporters of making the Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy industries bigger and better creating a strong system where smart choices, successful contractors, and a growing industry all work together for a sustainable and successful future.

our community

The Voice of the Contractors

We are dedicated to creating a space where your voices are heard and respected. Our community serves as a hub where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are formed, innovations are supported, and problems are solved. 

Our board of directors and staff include many former contractors with firsthand experiences and expertise, making us an invaluable resource for our members. 

Are you stuck on a project? Reach out to us and we can help. If one of our staff members cannot answer your question, we have an extensive list of industry contacts we can connect you with. 

A common goal unites us: to contribute to the success of contractors throughout California while advancing the growth of the industry as a whole.

our story

EFCA Throughout the Years

Established in 2002, the California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) was created to provide education and training support to Home Performance contractors in California. In 2012, CBPCA expanded its reach by becoming a chapter of Efficiency First, a national trade organization.  In 2019, The Home Performance Coalition, Home Energy Magazine, the Building Performance Institute, and Efficiency First National combined their efforts to become the Building Performance Association (BPA).  Today, Efficiency First California remains an independent nonprofit organization. EFCA maintains a mutually beneficial partnership with the Building Performance Association.