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Course: Residential Heat Pump Installation & Commissioning for Installers, Raters & Commissioning Agents P2


Transitioning residential and commercial heating and cooling systems from gas to electric is a key component in California’s plan to reduce emissions of global warming gasses. You, the field staff in the HVAC trades will be installing more and more heat pumps as electrification efforts continue to ramp up. It turns out that there are large variations in the operating efficiency of heat pumps that result from our installation and commissioning practices. This class will focus on installation practices, troubleshooting



Instructor: Russ King, Coded Energy  This course will cover what Energy Consultants need to know about energy features that require third-party HERS verification.  Some HERS measures are required on most projects but some are optional.  Energy consultants might see the energy savings reflected when selecting these optional features but may not be aware of all the work, cost, and coordination required to make them pass in the field. Learning Objectives: ·       Understand what features require HERS verification ·       Understand what HERS measures

Residential Space Conditioning and Water Heating (TECH – Single Family)


Overview – Electrify my Home Electrify My Home provides training based on real-world experience with residential electrification. With hundreds of high-performance projects completed to date, Electrify My Home shares its experience with others in a fast-paced training program that will benefit all parts of your company. We share principles of “Install Small” and “Good Electrification” processes that will keep your customers satisfied while simultaneously optimizing future grid reliability. Only enrolled TECH Clean California Participating Contractor company staff may take this

Residential Electrification in the Real World: Navigating Panels and Permits


California and local governments have ambitious building decarbonization goals. Translating those goals into real world conditions will be necessary for success. This forum will explore several hurdles to residential electrification, including electrical panels and building permits, and ways to overcome them. Join us to learn more about how to tell when an electrical panel needs to be upsized, options for electrifying on existing panels, and how building permits and zoning codes may be modified to remove barriers for heat pumps.

Easy Electrification for Your Beloved Home


It can be easy and fast to electrify your home if you choose strategies that don’t include rewiring, and particularly if you avoid a “service upgrade,” which takes months and thousands of dollars to get a new, thicker electrical wire from the utility. In fact, in most cases, it is not actually necessary to upgrade the panel since the existing one likely has the needed capacity to handle efficient right sized electrification. Using thoughtful electrification processes and cutting-edge appliances and

Required Participating Contractor Onboarding Training


Required Participating Contractor Onboarding Training Participating Contractors are required to take these courses to complete enrollment in TECH Clean California. Onboarding training required for all contractors provides an overview of the initiative and instructions to submit TECH Clean California incentives. TECH Clean California sponsors trainings at low or no cost for participating contractors. You can also find useful trainings from equipment manufacturers and industry partners to keep your businesses up-to-date. There are additional training requirements for contractors installing heat pump water heaters: this specific