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Empowering California Contractors

With over 20 years of experience representing contractors in California, we’re committed to guiding you through the transition to a decarbonized, electrified future. We understand that staying updated on state energy policies and building codes can be overwhelming.

That’s why one of our top priorities is effective advocacy on behalf of our members. At EFCA, we make sure that the perspective of Efficient Energy (EE) and Clean Energy (CE) contractors is heard in legislative decisions. California legislators have set ambitious climate goals encouraging the shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. For example, Senate Bill (SB) 100 requires that all retail electric sales are supplied by renewable energy and zero-carbon resources by 2045. These big changes require new rules to help contractors transition smoothly. We’re heavily involved in creating these rules to ensure contractors not only adjust but also succeed during this big change.

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Partnering for Policy Change

Working alone to change policy is a difficult task. We have learned that successful advocacy involves partnering with other like-minded organizations to achieve a common goal. We openly share information with other industry stakeholders.

Our collaborative approach to advocacy has allowed us to influence policy on a much larger scale than we could achieve on our own. 

Advocacy during transitions

California’s Clean Energy Shift

Things are changing quickly. We can no longer rely on fossil fuels for our primary long-term heating and cooling needs. Heating loads in buildings are responsible for over 25 percent of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in California. California has set aggressive climate goals, and decarbonization is in our future. 

What is decarbonization? Decarbonization refers to the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere. Decarbonization is crucial because CO2 is a major greenhouse gas. Decarbonization involves transitioning from carbon-intensive fossil fuels like natural gas to low-carbon or carbon-free alternatives such as renewable energy sources.

Energy efficiency is the first step in making that change and Efficiency First California (EFCA) is helping guide the way. We support the state’s efforts to transition to a carbon-free future by consistently advocating for legislation that reduces Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. 

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