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Quick & easy step-by-step instructions

Answers to Frequently Asked Membership Questions

  • You should have received a Password Reset email (request one, or check your spam if necessary), subject line: [Efficiency First California] Password Reset
  • Please click on the Reset link in that email (it’s a one-time-use and fairly long URL). 
  • You should then see a Password Reset webpage. Use the auto-generated strong password, or clear that and enter your own. Be sure to write it down. Click “Save Password” button. 
  • You should then see the Confirmation. To go directly to your account, click either the “Log in” link or the “Go to Efficiency First California” link.
  • Please login and click on My Account, then, in the left side vertical navigational menu click on Subscriptions. 
  • On the right side, click on Update. This will take you to Stripe’s secure area where you can update your billing info. 
  • Please keep your credit card info up to date.
  • Please note: For your account security, we do not have any direct access to your credit card info, so we can’t update it via the phone for you. 

INDIVIDUAL: Supporters not directly involved in our industry:  students, retired contractors, etc. $100 /year, $9 month

ASSOCIATE: Consultants, energy raters, real estate agents, and other related professionals. $250/year, $21 month

NON-PROFIT / GOVERNMENT: Non-profit organizations and Government agencies. $300/year, $25 month

CONTRACTOR: All licensed contractors: Home Performance, HVAC, Electrical, Insulation, GCs…$350/year, $30 month

INDUSTRY SUPPORTER: Manufacturers, vendors, and other stakeholders. $1,000/year, $84 month

  • To change member levels and / or payment plans simply login to your Member Profile, click on Subscriptions, then click on Change Plan in the right side menu. 
  • Select your new level and pay plan, and complete the procedure there. Please note that Membership dues are nonrefundable. 
  • However, when you upgrade, we will pro-rate: automatically and immediately refund the balance of your current membership.
  • Login, and in the left navigational menu, click on Payments. 
  • Once you have securely stored your credit card info in Stripe, you will soon be able to see your payments.
  • You can also go to your Payment History see the last four digits of your credit card on file. 
  • This record can also serve as your receipt.
  • To complete your Profile or update any of your contact info, anytime, login, and in the left navigational menu, click on Profile.
  • Then click on the appropriate edit “pencil icon”, update, then save your changes. 
  • Most fields are required because it helps us address your specific member needs better. 
  • You can also use the button at the bottom of that profile page to change your password anytime.
  • Login, and in the left navigational menu, click on Subscriptions. 
  • Verify your Member Level and payment plan, your membership status, your membership start date and next billing date. 
  • Your Subscriptions page is also where you access your secure credit card information.
  • All EFCA Memberships, (except Individual and Complimentary) are considered Corporate Accounts, so you can add up to 5 of your staff who can then access your member benefits.
  • Login, click on Subscriptions in the left menu
  • On the right side, click on Sub Accounts to reveal and manage your current staff accounts
  • Click the Add Sub Account button
  • Enter first & last names, an email and username. Please note: usernames cannot be changed
  • Check the box next to send the sub-account Welcome Email to the email address entered
  • Use the Signup URL to send to your staff person; use the clipboard icon to copy it quickly

If you have any membership questions, please email : membership@efficiencyfirstca.org