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Advocacy Update, August 2018

SB 100

Without a doubt, the biggest news this month is a vote on SB 100. SB 100 requires California to use 100 percent emissions-free sources for electricity by 2045. 

On Tues., Aug 29th California’s state assembly voted and passed SB 100, with a vote of 43 in favor and 32 opposed. This makes California the second state to require an emissions-free electricity supply after Hawaii passed a similar proposal last year. The bill now passes to the Senate for a procedural vote, and then goes to Governor Brown for a signature. This is a step up from SB 350, which Governor Brown signed in Oct. of 2015, which requires 50 percent renewables by 2030. 

Greening the electrical grid

The “greening” of California’s electrical grid is happening at a pace few could have predicted. Currently the renewable content of the electric grid roughly 30%.  Earlier this year the CALISO reported a peak event where the grid reached over 70% renewable, something naysayers predicted would take decades to achieve.

This is clear evidence that California is serious about reducing the impacts of climate change and will continue its path towards a clean energy future. This move should also be a signal to contractors and manufacturers that the clean energy solution in California will be electricity.

Speaking of electricity here are current bills moving through the legislation regarding electrification:

SB 1477 (Stern) Creates funding from gas company revenues for Near ZNE buildings. Advances clean space and water heating solutions – Passed the assembly, on its way to the Senate and then hopefully off to the governor for his signature. 

AB 3232 (Friedman) Reduce GHG from residential and commercial buildings to 40% less than 1990 levels by 2030 – Passed the Senate and Assembly, awaits the governor’s signature.

AB 2195 (Chau) Requires distribution leakage from out of state sources to be included in CA Greenhouse Gas calculations – Passed the Senate and Assembly, awaits governor’s signature.

Climate Change March

Want to do your part to support awareness of climate change?
Join the Rise for Climate Change March in San Francisco on Saturday, Sept. 8th. The event begins at 10:00 am at Four Embarcadero Plaza in SF. The intent is to join with thousands of like-minded people to send a clear message to our state and local leaders that climate change is real and we must act swiftly to establish a zero-emissions future.

Charley Cormany
Executive Director