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End Of Summer Update

It is the end of summer, which means the legislation has just returned from recess. Policymakers are back and reviewing new proposed legislation. Aug 7th is the last day for committees to hear bills. Each committee will only hold one hearing this month, and Aug 31st is the last day for each house to pass bills.

Advanced Water Heater Initiative

New Building Institute (NBi) has been supporting The Advanced Water Heater Initiative (AWHI) for over a year now. The group is a collaborative effort with over 35 participants who meet monthly to encourage the adoption of heat pump water heater technology. Discussions include barriers to adoption, current policy efforts, the equipment manufacturer’s perspective, and technology updates. Want to be a part of the conversation? It easy; just sign up by email for the latest news and meeting information.

Building Decarbonization Coalition

The Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC) is working on a consumer awareness campaign called the Switch Is On. The effort will focus on educating homeowners on the multiple benefits of building electrification and will be supported by a dedicated website. The campaign will launch in November in the San Francisco Bay Area and later expand statewide. For more details, contact Amy Rider at the BDC.

Title 24

Building codes. The CA energy code, known as Title 24, updates building codes on a three-year cycle. Current efforts are focusing on 2022 residential and non-residential code updates, which go into effect in 2023. Much of the building code conversation revolves around beneficial building electrification. The state is all-in on building electrification and is counting on shifting energy use in buildings from fossil fuels to electricity. Transportation and building electrification are vital strategies for meeting our state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

SB 1477 BUILD and TECH

Work continues on SB 1477 BUILD and TECH rebate programs. Much of the effort is related to locking in the structure and design of both programs. Southern California Edison is administering the TECH program. On Aug 18th, interested parties submitted proposals for the TECH program, which focuses on the residential application of heat pump technology. The BUILD program is related to new construction. The California Energy Commission will administer the BUILD program. The goal of both programs is to support the decarbonization of buildings in California.

Charley Cormany
Executive Director

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