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Advocacy Update, June 2017


In many expert opinions, the path to a clean energy future will be based on electricity over fossil fuels. In California, outdated regulations and politics are proving to be a roadblock in the transition to an electric future. Converting from natural gas to electricity is considered “fuel switching” and is discouraged by current regulations.

EFCA has joined together with National Resources Defense Agency, the Sierra Club, The Energy Foundation, and several other organizations to address fuel switching and the conversion to an all electric future. We are actively participating in conversations online and this month we attended an in-person meeting to explore the opportunities and challenges of advancing heat pump water heater technology.

Working collaboratively with like-minded organizations allows us to combine resources and speak with a larger voice. This combined effort is facilitating direct communication with the CPUC and policy makers. We are encouraged by the progress the NRDC and others are making in the push towards electrification and will continue to support this effort.

Charles Cormany
Executive Director
Efficiency First California

Image from iStock.