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EFCA in Support of the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC)

EFCA advocates for contractors in California’s rapidly evolving clean energy transition, and a key area of leverage has been in rebate program design. EFCA has recently represented these interests by assisting the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee’s (CAEECC) efforts. 

The CAEECC is a collaborative stakeholder process authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Decision 15-10-028. The CPUC developed the process to transparently gather stakeholder input on rebate program design for energy efficiency rebate programs, particularly their business and implementation plans. Committee members include representatives from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Center for Sustainable Energy, Sheet Metal Workers Local 104, and program staff from Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, BayREN and others. 

California’s energy efficiency landscape has evolved since CAEECC’s inception, and the Committee is working to address this change. EFCA accepted a request to participate in CAEECC this year as a member of the “Evolving CAEECC” working group. This working group will assess and make recommendations on aligning CAEECC with the CPUC’s commitment to environmental and social justice and ensuring its energy efficiency program designs meet the needs of all ratepayers and communities. The working group will also make recommendations in light of energy efficiency’s role in supporting carbon goals and health inequities. Key areas of scope include the Committee’s purpose and objectives and composition. These recommendations may entail significant changes to CAEECC, and the Committee has indicated its willingness to make such changes.

Stakeholder groups such as CAEECC are as impactful as their composition, and limited representation undermines their ability to help California meet its goals. EFCA recognizes the importance of “who’s in the room” in fully addressing California’s need for energy efficiency and looks forward to working with CAEECC to make impactful changes to the Committee.

Nicole Whiting

EFCA Director of Communications