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Duct leakage as a percentage of airflow is a critical metric for evaluating the efficiency and performance of an HVAC system. It quantifies the amount of conditioned air that escapes from the ductwork relative to the total airflow that the HVAC system is designed to move. Understanding and minimizing duct leakage is essential for improving energy efficiency, ensuring consistent indoor comfort, and reducing energy bills. Explanation and Importance Duct Leakage: This refers to the unintended loss of air from the

Duct Leakage to the Outside measures the amount of conditioned air that escapes from the HVAC duct system to the outside environment. This leakage is significant as it directly impacts the energy efficiency and performance of a home’s heating and cooling systems. By understanding and minimizing this leakage, homeowners can reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills, and enhance indoor comfort. Why Is It Important? Step-by-Step Directions for Conducting a Duct Leakage to the Outside Test Using This Information with Homeowners