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House utilizing electrification infographic

It’s amazing how many energy efficiency conferences and workshops have surfaced recently. The Redwood Energy Zero Net Energy Retreat, which takes place twice a year, is one of the best…

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Group of building professionals

When you become a business owner you quickly learn the true cost and value of employees. Good ones are hard to find, especially in tight labor markets where there are…

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Person with hard hat in front of solar panels and turbines

When it comes to energy, society is at a crossroads. Our existing supplies are heavily based on fossil fuels, a limited and dirty solution. There are alternatives to the current…

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Incentives image

It’s a common practice to try to encourage or change behavior with incentives. What happens when you encourage the wrong behavior?

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CA state flag

Posted by Charley Cormany, EFCA Executive Director We’re taking a departure from the goings on at the state capital and will instead focus on some events that are occurring across the state of California. The landscape for energy efficiency incentive programs in California is changing. Late last year, a program in Southern California announced a funding cap for the year 2018. The program implementers anticipated the funds would last roughly 3 to 6 months and then be exhausted. Effectively the

Early human with fire in cave

In today’s world fire still provides most of the heating needs in our dwellings. Why are we still burning things at all and how can we change it? It turns…

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Energy Usage Data image

Having a good way to measure efficiency is valuable to the home performance industry for many reasons. Until recently though, measuring energy efficiency has been easier said than done. Fortunately,…

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house with stethoscope

There are always positive and negatives sides of every story. We ask this questions again: should we be driving the home performance industry to focus on promoting health benefits as…

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Smoke from fire in hills near homes

Our Executive Director, Charley Cormany lives and works in Sonoma. In last months blog, he recounted his experience with the Northern California wildfires. During the fires and the dealing with…

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Sonoma Fire

When there is a wildfire the air quality suffers greatly. Unfortunately, people affected by the Northern California fires had to learn about PM2.5 and N95s ratings on face masks. Perhaps…

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