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Posted by Charley Cormany, EFCA Executive Director If you are a contractor in California, you have likely heard about the new Technology and Equipment for Clean Heating (TECH) incentive program. Funded by proceeds from gas corporations’ greenhouse gas allowances (cap and trade revenues), TECH aims to promote the adoption of near-zero-emissions space and water heating (heat pumps) in existing single and multifamily buildings across the state. Along with its sister program BUILD (which addresses new construction), TECH was rolled out

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Posted by Charley Cormany, EFCA Executive Director Those might be tough words to hear to those of you that have ignored the warnings and built your business around a rebate program, but it’s true. Energy Upgrade California in its current configuration is not sustainable. Our state’s effort to build an effective incentive program to stimulate residential energy efficiency has by and large been a failure. The EUC incentive program is complicated, overly burdened with paperwork, and not effective. The implementation