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Debra Little

Board Member


EFCA Board Debra Little

Debra is a home performance and valuation specialist and creator of AjO, a data tool that equips contractors to quickly collect and report data on energy upgrade projects. AJO produces a One Page Report that supports data requirements of appraisers to attribute value to performance assets.

Debra is active in education of real estate appraisers and agents on valuation and market representation of high-performance home assets; energy and water efficiency, beyond energy, and renewables.

Debra’s experience building her own high-performance home in 2007, appraising in CA (2001- present), home performance consulting (2009-present), along with earlier work in data, video production, and marketing in NYC informs her current focus as she directs AjO. AjO integrates behavior and brain science to drive demand for building science.