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Tom DiCandia


EFCA Board Tom DiCandia

Tom DiCandia has over 25 years of management experience, responsible for quality, productivity, and bottom-line profit in a variety of business fields. Tom is a BPI Building Analyst, certified by the Building Performance Institute. Tom began studying and implementing energy conservation and alternative energy in commercial property management in the 1990’s.

Tom’s technical background includes electronics, electrical, audio, and a working knowledge of plumbing and mechanical systems. Tom trained in residential home performance with the California Building Performance Contractors Association, Pacific Energy Center, Saturn Online, Home Safe Environmental, and a variety of individual classes ranging from residential water conservation strategies to the technical installation and servicing of high-efficiency combustion appliances, solar thermal systems, and hydronic radiant distribution systems.

During the 5 years Tom spent at Recurve/Sustainable Spaces, Tom performed home performance testing on at least 300 homes and managed close to 1,000 projects as a project manager. Tom joined SDI Insulation in 2011 to continue to offer home performance efficiency solutions to homeowners and improve existing residential building stock using building science principles. Tom’s current studies continue to include building science, building performance testing and remediation, and environmental impact awareness.