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Course: Residential Heat Pump Installation & Commissioning for Installers, Raters & Commissioning Agents P1

November 28, 2023


Transitioning residential and commercial heating and cooling systems from gas to electric is a key component in California’s plan to reduce emissions of global warming gasses. You, the field staff in the HVAC trades will be installing more and more heat pumps as electrification efforts continue to ramp up. It turns out that there are large variations in the operating efficiency of heat pumps that result from our installation and commissioning practices. This webinar will focus on installation practices, troubleshooting and commissioning steps that effect final installed efficiency. We will look at airflow, line set plumbing, refrigerant leak prevention, location and repair, heat pump controls and control settings. Both legacy systems and mini split systems will be covered. The course will be presented in two, three-hour parts.

This webinar is courtesy of Pacific Gas & Electric.

Course Highlights:

  • Line set testing
  • Finding and repairing leaks in refrigerant lines
  • The interrelated nature of refrigerant volume and airflow volume
  • Airflow and heat pump performance
  • Targets for system airflow per ton
  • Communicating controls VS legacy controls
  • How to measure air flow, static pressure and air handler power
  • How to interpret static pressure and power
  • Most cost-effective ways to raise system airflow
  • Commissioning advantages multistage equipment

Course Objectives:

  • Describe techniques for effectively testing line sets
  • Verbalize pressure and vacuum targets for line set testing
  • Understand that efficient heat pump output relies on both refrigerant charge and total system airflow
  • Present with strategies for improving the airflow in existing systems
  • Name techniques for measuring and estimating airflow
  • Describe how to change the airflow settings on various types of equipment

Learning Level: Intermediate


Dan Perunko is cofounder of Balance Point Home Performance Company. In 2006, along with Gavin Healy, Dan started a successful company providing full-service home performance analysis, retrofits, consultations, and trainings. Dan works on new and existing construction designs and hands on installations of enclosures, mechanical, plumbing, and indoor air quality components based on tested performance outcomes. Dan especially enjoys improving existing homes to provide homeowners with levels of comfort and energy consumption that they have not believed possible. Dan brings his experience from construction, design and building analysis, to make his class materials relevant, useful and understandable regardless of the attendees’ level of experience.


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November 28, 2023
8:30 am PST
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