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Overcoming Roadblocks to Residential Electrification

June 06, 2023

Globally, the scientific community agrees that we must reduce carbon emissions to significantly reduce the impact of global warming. In the US, buildings account for 40% of carbon emissions. In this class, Steve Easley focuses on the top roadblocks and solutions for a timelier transition to decarbonization and electrification. For wide scale electrification to happen in a timely manner it will have to happen from the customer side of the meter. This class will address how best to make this a cost-effective reality. The challenge is the localized electrical grid capacity is in no way ready for mass electrification. There simply isn’t enough localized grid storage or grid capacity for homes, for homes to have electric heat, water heating, cooking, and vehicle charging. This class will address practical solutions. The class will focus on the design, construction practices, and technologies that will provide the best pathway for electrification of homes.


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