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Next Generation Refrigerants: Taking a Closer Look at A2L Solutions


A new generation of refrigerants are coming to comfort cooling applications, specifically in residential and light commercial systems. These new refrigerants, commonly identified by their low-global warming potential (low-GWP), often come with different characteristics than the prior generation of refrigerants (such as R-410a). This session will cover the reasons for the changes in refrigerants, characteristics of some of the next generation refrigerants, and the changes the industry faces as a result, including building codes, safety standards, application and installation, operation

EN Webinar: Electric Yard Care – Ditch the Gas


Electrifying your home means switching out everything that burns fossil fuels, including your yard equipment. It’s easier than ever to take this affordable step towards home electrification with the efficient electric options for mowing, leaf blowing, trimming and edging on the market today. Battery-powered tools are much quieter to operate and require no messy filling with fuels and oil and virtually no maintenance. They start at the push of a button and produce zero carbon emissions or air pollution. Modern