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Kevin Beck

Director of Education

Kevin Beck is a third-generation home improvement expert who has dedicated his career to helping clients turn their remodeling dreams into an energy efficient reality. With a passion for sustainable building practices and high-performance homes, Kevin takes pride in helping clients and contractors navigate the new energy horizon.

Kevin’s journey in the home improvement industry began with his family’s legacy. His grandfather started Beck’s Lumber & Hardware in 1922, a business that thrived until its sale in 1976. Following in his family’s footsteps, Kevin pursued a degree in Construction Management and Construction Technology, eventually obtaining his General Contractors license in 1989.

After gaining valuable experience in management roles at home improvement stores, Kevin established his own company, initially named Beck Custom Builders, and built and remodeled homes for over 35 years. Starting with small home repair jobs and expanding to remodeling, then became one of the few custom home builders emphasizing home performance and net-zero construction practices.

Throughout his career, Kevin’s commitment to Contractor Training and Education as well homeowner education has remained unwavering. His practical yet aesthetically pleasing design styles have earned him numerous awards, and he is recognized as a trusted expert in the field.

With an extensive background rooted in tradition, combined with a forward-thinking approach to sustainable building practices, Kevin is the sustainability ‘go-to expert’ for homeowners and Contractors looking forward to the transition to electrification.