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Residential Space Conditioning and Water Heating (Single Family)

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Electrify My Home provides training based on real-world experience with residential electrification. With hundreds of high-performance projects completed to date, Electrify My Home shares its experience with others in a fast-paced training program that will benefit all parts of your company. We share principals of “Install Small” and “Good Electrification” processes that will keep your customers satisfied while simultaneously optimizing future grid reliability. Only enrolled TECH Clean California Participating Contractor company staff may take this course. Course registration will be

Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters: Technology, Sales and Installation Challenges Part 1


Course Description: This course establishes a clear value proposition for residential heat pump water heater scenarios, while addressing key barriers to their adoption. It also provides targeted sales training to identify customers and opportunities for client-facing staff and stakeholders while delving into key installation considerations including space limitations, noise, condensate management, sizing, operational modes, and error codes. Instructor Information: Tim Abshire Tim Abshire is a Senior Account Manager and Certified Trainer for D+R International. Most recently he managed the Wholesale Distribution